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For a whole week,young emerging artists from all over the world are coming into contact with experienced street performers and... Lire l'article

For a whole week,young emerging artists from all over the world are coming into contact with experienced street performers and live at the rhythm of Crater Surfaces. Debates, meetings, observation, workshops, a practical school to learn the codes specific to street arts and better understand its network of diffusion.

« The street », « the public space » is an immense playground invested by artists of all disciplines. Meeting space, exchange, free expression; It seduces by its richness, its density and the heterogeneity of the audiences that cross it. Writing and staging a show in the public space is a challenge, especially when it comes to a first experience.

Beyond the stage exercise itself, from the requirement imposed by the mastery of its artistic discipline(s),the artist who projects himself into the public space must become aware of its specificities: the public space is not neutral. You have to be able to locate your audience, master the possibility of interaction, capture attention, choose the site with relevance and know why and how to investit,with which technique… To create show in the public space and ensure its diffusion,it is also important to understand how national and international networks, theatres, festivals, and socio-cultural actors work. Understand their issues in order to find the rightful place for each artistic creation. Today,more and more artists  around the world are creating or planning to create in the public  space. Yet,opportunities are rare for sharing experience and transmitting knowledge. Taking the time to meet, exchange and analyse is what is at stake in the »Outdoor Lab Experience ».

For several years,  Cratere  Surfaces cultivates the art of meeting: between shows and spectators, but also between professionals. Through an artistic program that invests Alès and the neighboring    cities, accompanied by conferences, visits, and a convivial catering under the stars; all the team of the Cratère and Productions Bis, multiply the opportunities for the festival to propose a complete artistic selection and a specific time to establish professional exchanges and contacts. With the « Outdoor Lab Experience », we want to offer emerging international artists an immersion at the heart of a major festival. A unique opportunity to discover and analyze performances, to exchange with artists and to apprehend the organizers’issues.

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Out door Lab Experience#5

from July 4th to 8th 2017

Cratère surfaces 2017

Alès International out door festival

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